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E-Numbers is a handy application for understanding food additives or E numbers. Designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


E-Numbers is an application that allows you to find out what is in your food.

Would you like to know if your food contains a carcinogenic ingredient? Would you like to know why there are so many of E-numbers in you juice? E-Numbers is designed just for that purpose.

Vegetarians can quickly check if the additives in foods are likely to be of animal origin. People who care about their body, can check if they really need to overpay for a fabulously colourful sweet treat, normally full of unhealthy additives and sugars.

E-Numbers contains easily accessible lists of additives, which are present in our food and quite often in other products of personal use. Searching and identifying these additives is made quick and simple.

For everyone, who cares what they are buying into – enjoy using our E-Numbers application!

E-Numbers is coming soon to the AppStore.

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